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ASM 8C/RST - Shirring Machine

ASM 5C/RST - Shirring Machine

Description of the machine

The ASM 8C / RST Shirring Machine has been designed for continuous shirring of collagen sausage casings using a screw (axial) system. The machine is adapted for processing of casings from diameter 19 up to 23 mm like a standard (another on a request).

The shirring process is completely continuous. Control of the machine operation is limited to replacement of disks with casings and collecting of shirred sticks. The shirring process is powered by a set of electrical and pneumatic elements (SMC).

The disk with casing is fixed on the unwinding part of equipment with a detector which stops the machine when the whole length of casing on the disk has been unwind off. The band of the casing is guided through a moistening device into a vacuum chamber and onto an inlet mandrel where, due to vacuum, it is inflated and transferred to the screw shirring head. The machine is equiped with outside oiling of the casing as well. Shirred casing is advanced onto one of six mandrels where a cutting mechanism cuts it off as soon as the pre-set length has been reached. In step-by-step turning of a revolver head with mandrels the casing is relocated to the pressing mechanism, where it is pressed together Finished shirred sticks are collected on a discharge desk.

In case of any failure the machine is automatically stopped and a programmable PLC (LENZE) indicates the faulty element.


  • The continuous process of shirring
  • The very low energy consumption
  • The space-sawing design
  • The adjustable to various shirring diameters

The producer has all rights reserved to change design of the shirring machines and parts, which has no influence to right function of the machines.
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